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What to do in Sardinia: sport activities and experience in this mysterious region

Discover all the sports activities in Sardinia. Things to do in Sardinia are more than you could ever think and we organize several activities all around the region.

Famous for its rugged coastline and white sand, Sardinia is not only the land of blue sea and water sports. Here you can enjoy the best sport experience you have ever had. Sardinia is famous for many different sports: hockey, football, auto racing and basketball. Moreover several ski resorts are equipped with ski schools, skilifts and ski equipment hire.

Our multilingual staff will lead you around all the main attractions in Sardinia.

Mirto Tasting

mirto tasting in sardinia

Mamoiada Carnival

Mamoiada Carnival

Cantu a tenore

Cantu a tenore

Lunch with shepherds

Lunch with shepherds

Green train

little green train

mirto sardiniaTaste “Mirto” the popular liquor in Sardinia obtained from the myrtle plant through the alcoholic maceration.

carnival in sardiniaDon’t forget the Mamoiada Carnival: the most mystical attraction in the region where the traditional carnival costumes include distinctive masks worn by the mamuthones and issohadores.

sardinia activitiesMoreover, among the Sardinian activities, you should listen the oldest forms of vocal polyphony, generally known as Cantu a tenore. In 2005, Unesco classed the cantu a tenore Intangible World Heritage.

Lunch with shepherds in SardiniaGather around a typical lunch with the shepherds who will immerse the group into the real flavors of this ancient land.

green train in sardiniaAn original way to discover the interior of the island, is to take the Trenino Verde (Little Green Train), a vintage locomotive that traces its way through forests, bridges, and tunnels of the most scenic mountain areas the island.

Team building in Sardinia for an enchanting experience

Take full advantage of your holiday and help your work group evolve into a cohesive unit.

Choose Target Sardinia DMC and motivate your team to work closely with the several activities that we offer in Sardinia.


camping in sardinia

Build your boat

Build your boat

Olimpic games

olimpic games in sardinia



Sailing Course

saling course

Quad Safari

quad safari

camping in sardiniaLet’s get into a jeep and reach the camp! There, the group will plant our tents and organize the activities.
Spend your first night here in Sardinia, surrounded by unspoilt nature.

adventure boat An incredible goal to reach for those who have no technical skills: build a cardboard boat that manages to carry a team for the craziest race in the world!

olympics gameA wide range of games, in accordance with the selected areas.
We can create a program that correspond to the request, according to the different requirements of team goals you want to reach. The determination of participants will determine the final rankin

tourism in sardinia Tourism is changing rapidly. The environment and natural heritage, and the choice of destinations are becoming increasingly important, while traditionnel tourism must meet strict environmental regulations.
The goal is to sensitize the group about this important matter.

activities in sardiniaCompetitive spirit, planification race strategies, analysis of the elements that surround you and behavior of your opponents: these are the ingredients needed to face a regatta, and maybe, becoming the winner team!

driving whit quadWith our quad safari, excitement, thrill, and emotions are guaranteed!
The group will have an information meeting regarding the use of quads, will enjoy beautiful views and feel the fantastic scent of Macchia (Mediterranean plants), the typical Sardinian flora, juniper, medical herbs and bushes mastic, pine trees and cactus.

Place to visit: the finest attractions in Sardinia

Thanks to its wonderful attractions Sardinia is the heart of the Italian tourism. Megalithic building structures called nuraghe are scattered in great numbers throughout Sardinia becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Over 600,000 hectares of Sardinian territory is environmentally preserved and the island has three national parks.

Furthermore one of the most attraction in the Island is the Phoenician and subsequently Roman town of Tharros.

If you want immerse yourself in fantastic adventures Target Sardinia DMC will organize for you exciting tours and excursion.

Costa Smeralda

tour in Costa Smeralda

Boats, Yacht and co.

yacht in sardinia

Cars and co.

luxury cars in sardinia

Personal shopper

personal shopper in sardinia

Villas for gala

villa for gala in sardinia

sardinia tourThis costal area is located in the Northen Sardinia and it is surrounded by beautiful landscapes
With white sand beaches, golf clubs, private services and luxury hotels, Costa Smeralda draws a huge number of star system celebrities, business leader and other high profile tourists.
The main towns and villages are Romazzino, Capriccioli, Golfo Aranci, Porto Cervo, Liscia di Vacca, Porto Rotondo, Maddalena, Liscia Ruja, Palauand Cannigione.

luxury yacht in sardiniaThe best way to discover Sardinia is surely by boat. The most beautiful beaches and bays will have no more secrets thanks to our boats and rafts charter from one day up to as many days as you prefer.
To ensure that everything is perfect you will find expert skipper on board and hostess to welcome you. An experienced staff takes care about every detail to offer you an impeccable service. Yachts are also available for your luxury experience. Few pleasure in life are comparable to the absolute privacy, comfort and freedom to relax on board of a private yacht where costumers could immerse their-self in a sophisticated and refined environment.

luxury cars in sardiniaIn Sardinia entertainment is not only bounded by the sea. Several adventures are definitely connected with luxury cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Porsche. Our aim is provide for you the best tour experience by cars, motorbikes and bicycles.
In fact the rent of scooters, motorbikes and much more in Sardinia is undoubtedly the most suitable and fascinating way to discover the hidden corners of the Island. We selected for your pleasure the best rafts, motorbike, bicycles available all around Sardinia and we deal any kind of supplies and catering service on board.

beautiful shopping in sardiniaDue to a selected high-class tourism Sardinia is the Island of glamour where fashion plays an important role. A fashion expert accompanies its costumers in selected stores guiding them through their choice in terms of clothes and accessories thinking about their physical appearance, their needs and their taste in fashion. A personal shopper who brings you directly to the right boutiques and who helps you in the best choice could be a precious aid.

villas for gala dinnerThe best Luxury Villas for your incentive trip or gala dinner.
Which place is better than Sardinia for your events? If you rent a villa in Sardinia you will have the opportunity to live for some day within an uncontaminated environment. We provides the very best luxury accommodation offering the highest level of comfort and elegance.
We guarantee for you the most amazing and formidable locations and villas for your entertainment because we are proud of our unique and exclusive collection of villas in the Island.